Friday, December 25, 2009


I had purchased a Snuggie as a joke for a good friend of Ty's for his birthday and when I got home with it Ty said "I want one of those" So for Christmas I found the perfect Sunggie for him. It was a leopard skin print and he loves it.


Sorry the pictures are kinda dark it was early in the morning and it was dark.

We surprised Cameron this Christmas with this cute 1998 Mustang. A fellow worker of Ty's was selling it really cheap and we couldn't pass it up. So we made a few improvements and had it done my Christmas Eve. Cameron had no clue he was getting a car. He just couldn't figure out why he only had 3 presents under the tree and everyone else had more. Ty just loves to try and stump the kids with what their presents are so he would wrap small items in huge boxes and stuff them with paper so the item wouldn't slide around. So Chrismtas morning as were were opening presents Cameron opend his first one and Ty had taken his model mustang and blew up a picture of Cameron and made a speech bubble that said "Cameron, wouldn't this be nice if this was real" He said you are so funny dad. The next present was headphones from Nick. Then he saw this long tube and couldn't figure out what it was. He opened it and it was stuffed with rags and then a envelope. He opened the envelope and his eyes just lit up. If anyone knows Cameron he doesn't get very excited but the look on his face was priceless when he took the keys out of the envelope. Ty said you better go look outside. He was estatic. He couldn't believe it. We kept a good secret.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



I meant to blog about this the day it happened but as life has it I got too busy. A couple of Friday's ago my sweet husband came home from work with a great big Diet Pepsi (my favorite) and this beautiful bouquet of flowers. It really made my day. I love mixed flowers. Thank you sweetie for being such a loving and thoughtful husband. I Love You!
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Missionary Training DAy - 2009

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Today the boys had a Stake Missionary Training Meeting from 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. It was a full day of missionary work. As you can see they weren't thrilled I was trying to take a picture for my BLOG. But oh well. Had to have it. Jared went even though he is in a full cast from a injury he sustained at school nevertheless not a football. He is our for another 3 weeks.He was a trooper to go anyways. Even though they won't admit they seem to have a great time.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I couldn't figure out why when I checked other blogs and it show me updating three weeks ago that it goes by the date of the POST. I have backed dated some of my posting so when I print my memory book then the dates will match. Just alitle tidbit of information for those who didn't know this.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer of 2009

Summer of 2009 went by so fast. I guess it was because we were so busy. The boys started the summer with Scout Camp and then Cameron went to an 11 Day "Camp of Camps" Camp for wrestling. This was really hard for me to let him go for this amount of time. He went to Rocklin, CA which is near Sacramento. They couldn't call home for the first 4 days. That was torture. Not that Cameron is a big talker but it was hard not to hear his voice for 4 days. The house seemed really weird with him missing. I guess I kind of got a taste of when he goes on a mission. He got home from Camp and was really quiet (even more quiet than he usually is) for the first couple days. He was just plain worn out. They worked them so hard. I know he learned alot though. He got in the best shape of his life. He was home for 10 days and then left again to go to EFY in Provo.

In July, Ty and I had celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary but we just did the small gift exchange and then the out to dinner thing. We really celebrated our Anniversary in August. Ty and I love Country Music. I never thought I would say that. Ty got hooked first and now has gotten me hooked. We even just got the CMT
Channel. Well we purchased great tickets forthe Toby Keith/Trace Adkins Concert that was going to be in in Chula Vista. We went down for the concert on Thursday by ourselves and checked in to the great beach house that the Thatchers were so kind to left us rent for two nights.

The next day we got up and went to a nice little Cafe for crepes for breakfast. After breakfast Ty left to drive back to get the kids. In the meantime Kirk, Cameron and Jessica came down in the early afternoon. We walked around Del Mar and then went to California Pizza Kitchen for Dinner. Ty and the other boys didn't arrive until about midnight. The next day we left for Mission Beach where we had rented a Beach House for a week. I just love the Beach. I could just be down there for the whole summer. This year I found a house that was right between the Beach and the Bay. It was a nice little quaint place. It had the feel of a real beach house.
I would recommend this to anyone who had never stayed at the beach for a week. Each morning we would wake up and set our stuff out on the beach and then come back for breakfast. We really relaxed. One day while we were there we went to Sea World. I just love Sea World. The day was perfect not too hot and not too cold.

We also ran into our good friends the Gonzalez family down at the beach. They just happen to be stayihng about 2 streets over from us. It is been a tradition for the past about 8 years or longer that a bunch of us from the Desert meet at the McRae's beach house for the day and spend the day together. Well this year our numbers were small but we still had a great time. Bettye even made sure that we took our annual group picture. I will have to get a copy from Amy. We were definitely fewer in number this year. It was just the Gonzales Family, Our Family, Bettye and Lorenzo Anderson (we won't forge those shorts Lorenzo - inside joke - You had to be there), Bret, Connor and Reed McRae. Then on Thursday afternnon and Friday the Dean's came to spend time with us. We spent the afternoon on the beach and then back to the beach house for a barbeque and smores. What is a beach trip without having a fire for smores. Then on Friday the weather was cloudy and we even got rained on. We didn't care though because it was not hot. We then all walked up to the Boardwalk and watch the amatuer wakeboarders. They were having a contest. This was fun to watch. The week went by way too fast. Like I said before I could spend my whole summer there just sitting on the beach. We made lots of memories.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My First Baby Turns "21"


A tribute to Kirk. A long awaited day. Ty and I had been married 5 years when Kirk was born. Ty had just graduated College the year before and been at his first job for a year. I couldn't wait to have kids. If anyone knows me well they know I still love babies. I can't belive I have a 21 year old. It makes me feel old. Kirk you are a great son. We love you and are so proud of the things you have accomplished so far in your life. You have brought so much joy to our life.

For Kirk's Birthday he wanted to go to Babe's. It was just Kirk, Jessica, Cameron and I since the other boys had football.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to Blogging!

My computer was down for awile and then my keyboard went out so I haven't gotten to blog about what been going on. First I would like to tell you about a great guy that can repair computers. He is located at Video Depot. I happen to ask a guy at Costco if he new anyone that was resonable for repairing computers because I contacted HP and they wanted me to pack up my computer and send $370 to figure out what was wrong with mine. I said no way. I can buy a new one for that price. So he mentioned he had his computer fixed at Video Depot. I said I didn't know they repaired computers there. He said because most of their stores had now gone to the automated stores that they needed an in-house guy to do repairs when needed. So I called and talked to the guy and he said he would charge me $30 to exam the computer and try to find out what the problem was and then he would call me first to let me know how much it would cost to repair it. I thought great. So for a total of $60 bucks my computer was fixed. He was a really nice, honest guy. So if anyone needs his name and number let me know.

Monday, August 10, 2009

EFY 2009


Cameron, Connor and Hilary off to EFY at BYU. This is the only picture I could get. They wouldn't let me take their picture when leaving the airport. Hilary was cooperative but the boys we like no way. Myra, Laurie and I dropped off the kids last Monday morning at 6:15 a.m at the San Diego Airport. They were off to a week at BYU EFY(Especially for Youth). I was excited for them to go. I know that they learn so much and that their testimonies grow. Just the experience to be away from Mom and Dad and be on that great campus is an awesome experience. Cameron called when they arrived and then we didn't hear from him that much. I think they kept them on a busy schedule so he didn't have time to call. (He is not a talker on the phone anyways). I just figured he was having great time. Laurie and Myra picked up the kids on Saturday afternoon and treated them to lunch on the way home(Thanks Laurie). They arrived home about 4:00 p.m. Cameron was very talkative and excited about EFY. There was just a glow about him. He really liked his counselor and all the classes. They just seem to come back on such a spiritual high. I wish it would stay with them always. We are so blessed to be able to send our kids.
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Saturday, August 1, 2009





Well Nick and Jared couldn't be happier that last week is over and it is Saturday. They survived HELL week for football. I am so proud of them. Neither one of them ever quit and they realy can't wait to actually play. As you know it has been really, really hot especially at 6:00 p.m. and I went with them to practice last night and I think I was perspiring probably as much as they were and I was just sitting there watching. What boys do to have fun! Next week they get to practice in pads. Oh boy! You talk about hot. My pictures are kinda far away because I had to sneak taking them. The boys don't like their picture taken.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today was the first day of Junior All American Football for Nick and Jared. Practice was from 6:00p.m.-8:00 p.m. The boys have been bugging us for a couple of years to play tackle football. They played Flag Football for the YMCA for about 3 years(Mom was happy with this because you couldn't really get hurt) and we told Nick that the summer of his 8th grade year he could try tackle football to see if he liked it enough to play when he gets to High School. Then Jared says he would like to play also intead of soccer. We were shocked because Jared has always loved playing soccer but unfortunately tackle football and soccer are at the same time. So no more soccer I guess. Since the boys are pretty much the same size (Nick alittle taller) then they can play on the same team. This means only one practice place and one game to go to.(This was appealing) Well, I sent Ty and the boys off to practice and I went to my exercise class. When I got back to my car there were 7 missed calls from Ty. I called right away to see if there was something wrong. He said Jared had forgotten his inhaler and he got alittle winded while running drills. So off I went to bring the inhaler. He was fine when I got there and I was very proud of him for working through it. So I decided to stay and watch practice and kick myself for not bringing my camera. Watching the boys do their drills was about the funniest thing Ty and I had saw in a long time. We and some of the other parents were just cracking up watching our boys trying to manuever their new, growing long legs. Well they both survived practice and said it was not as hard as they thought. We will see what they say after the first week. I will deinitely need to carry my camera with me at all time.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Baby turns "12" - Happy,Happy Birthday Jared!

JULY 18, 1997 - Born 8:30 a.m. - 8 lbs. 6 oz. - Baby Budda

My baby turned 12 today. I can't believe it. I am thinking I need to rename my BLOG to "The House of Men". I am definitely outnumbered. Twelve years ago today we were surprised with another baby boy. We did not find out the sex so that we could be surprised just once. I just knew it had to be a girl though. My pregancy was different and I was carrying all over and not just in front like the others. I had even bought dresses and had them in the closet just in case. Well to our surprise the doctor announced another baby boy. Ty couldn't have been happier. Even though I thought it might be a girl I was still very excited it was a boy. I was always told that boys will take care of their mom. Jared was a very easy baby. He was very good natured and all of his brothers loved him. Jared was definitely a "mommas boy" when he was younger. He was attached to my side at all times. Wow, how that has changed. Jared is a very independent and confident young man which we love about him. He always tells me he will take care of me when I am older. Jared is very talented in sports. He just knows exactly what to do in any sport that he plays. hmmmm - he kinda sounds like his Dad. His favorite sport is Basketball. He says that he is going to be drafted to the NBA right out of High School and then go on his mission and then return to the NBA when he returns. He has it all planned out. If anyone knows Jared he is very knowledgeale about any sport. The first thing that he does when he gets up is read the sports page.

Tomorrow,(Sunday) Jared will receive a very big gift. The gift is the Priesthood. He is very prepared to receive and honor it. He also can't wait to be in Young Men's with all the big guys. Jared really never got to be the baby because his brothers wouldn't let him. He was always doing whatever they were and trying very hard to beat them at it.

Jared shares his Birthday with a very good friend of ours Brother Bruner (aka, Grandpa, Dad) For the past three years it has been a tradition for Brother Bruner to take the boys to breakfast. Jared looks forward to this every year. This year Brother Bruner invited Ty and I to go. (of course I forgot to take pictures while we were at Sloans having breakfast.)Brother Bruner always lets Jared get whatever he want off the menu. So he picks the steak and eggs of course. (This year he didn't lose his breakfast on the way home like last year) We changed places too so this help. We had a great time. The Bruner's play an important role in my kids life. They are always up for attending any of my kids sporting events. We can always count on them cheering them from the sidelines.( or having Keith yell at the officials for a bad call - ha, ha - I had to add that just for you Keith) They have been there through the wicked cold weather and the scorching hot weather. We love having them apart of our family. Thanks Keith and Nonie for including us in your family.
So Nonie and I thought we would surprise Keith and Jared by having cake and ice cream at their house on Saturday night. We actually made it work. Neither Jared or Keith knew anything. We also included the McRae's and Oborns. We had great time.

What great friends we have. Jared, We Love You and are very proud of you.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It was July 9th and my doctor wanted to induce me so I could have my baby on our Anniversary. Well, we started the pitocin at 6:30 a.m. in the morning and kept increasing it until 6:00 p.m. I was having no contractions, nothing. He was just not ready to come yet. So, the doctor sent me home and said let's see what happens naturally. So a week later to the day, July 14th I started to have a few pains early in the morning. They progressed as the day went on and 3;38 p.m Cameron Daken Broadhead was born. 7 lbs. 12 ozs. - 19 inches long. It had been a long 5 years since I had given birth. We tried for a long time after Kirk but with no luck. We then turned to the doctor for help and found out that I suffered from endometreosis. (cysts on the ovaries) I then went in to have the cysts removed and then was told not to try for a year. This was very hard. I then got pregnant after the year but I miscarried at 12 weeks. Then a couple of months later I got pregnant again and at 16 weeks I miscarried. We were getting very discouraged. The third time was the charm I held this pregnancy to full term. We were so overjoyed to add another sweet boy into our family. With Kirk being older he was able to help me in so many ways. He loved his little baby brother.

Cameron you have been a blessing to our family ever since you came into it. Your adorable smile melted the heart of all that came in contact with you. You have always been such a tender hearted and loving boy. Some may think you are shy but if they only knew the real you. Only your family really knows. You are a great big brother . You have grown up so much and we are so proud of you and what you have accmplished in your life so far. I can't believe you are 16.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


It was 113 degrees oustide and my boys wanted to go fishing. Are we crazy or what. Well we stopped and got a cold drink and head to Ty's golf course. They stock their lakes with catfish and bass. This is the way to fish. Ty and I sat under a tree and let Nick and Jared do their thing. Now this is my kind of fishing. We just say back and within 2 minutes Jared says "I caught one". Now this is a catch and release type of fishing but the boys didn't care they just had fun catching them. I think total they caught 12 or more fish.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where it all Began - 26 Years Ago!


It was January 6, 1983 and it was Stake Conference. I was attending with my mom and sister and brother-in-law John. We were sitting in the back when all of a sudden my sister nudges me and says "Who's that - He's cute" Well low and behold it was my future husband Ty. Apparently, his Uncle Steve had seen me and asked Ty the same question. Ty's, Dad was just being called as Bishop of the Indio Ward at that Stake Conference, so that 's why his uncle Steve was there also. After Conference that night there was a Young Adult Fireside (that was the over 18 age kids were called back in the old ages). I went and Ty was also there. After the Fireside he asked me for my phone number. A couple of days later he called early in the morning. Unfortunately, I was already at work. I started work at 6:00 in the morning in those days. He tried a couple of more times and finally my dad told him to call back after 3:00 p.m. and that I would be home. We finally got to talk and he asked me out on our first date. It was January 14, 1983, We went to El Torito a very nice Mexican restaurant in Rancho Mirage. (It not there anymore). I was a big fan of mexican food so I ordered a side chicken taco and that it. My meal cost all of $2.75. He said "boy, you are a cheap date" I didn't tell him until later that I really didn't like mexican food. I was a pretty picky eater back then. After that date we saw each other everyday. From the first time I laid eyes on him I knew he was the one for me. So on February 5, 1983 (which is Ty's birthday) he proposed to me on my living room couch. If you ask Ty he will tell you I asked him but he really did ask me. I know you are probably thinking WOW 2 weeks of dating and they are engaged. My parents weren't shocked because they had a very short courtship also and so did my sister Stacey and her husband, The shock came from Ty's parents. He was their firstborn and first son getting married. He also had just gotten home from his mission. We had talked about getting married on my birthday which is in April but then after thinking about it we needed alittle more time. So July it was. The hottest part of the year in the Desert. We were married early in the morning in the Los Angeles Temple.

We then went to the prestigious Jonathan Club for a lunch with the wedding party. Then it was back to the desert for a reception at the Stake Center (Yes, the very Stake Center we meet in today). We then honeymooned in Lake Tahoe.

Five years later, we started our family. First was Kirk.
Then came Cameron, Nick and finally Jared

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today all my boys except Kirk left for Scout Camp. I can't believe this day is here. It seems like yesterday when Ty and Kirk would just go leaving me behind with the rest of the boys. Now with everyone of Boy Scout age I get to go play for a week in at my sisters home in Utah. (Rachelle your day will come - I promise). See there is an upside to having all boys.
A week of going to the temple, shopping, Deseret Book,fun with my sister, exercising what more could I ask for.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day - June 21, 2009

We started Father's Day on Saturday this year. We wanted to make Dad a breakfast and with early Sunday meetings this makes it impossible so, we did it on Saturday instead. Ty and I hiked the "Bump and Grind" early in the morning while the boys were still sleeping and then came home. Kids started to wake up to the smell of bacon and french toast. (Sorry - I need to remember to get my camera out to take pictures). When I was shopping on Friday, I found that thick egg bread that is perfect for french toast. So much for the hike burning calories because we probably ate more than we burned Oh Well - we can do the hike again. After breakfast Dad got a nap and then off to the pool for a swim and then out on a date to see "Proposal". It was definitely a chick flick, but Ty enjoyed it also. It had some really funny parts. I so much appreciate that he will see any movie I want to see. Sunday morning Dad opened his gifts. - Cologne, Red Vine Licorice (his favorite), a new workout shirt and the new Glenn Beck Book "Common Sense" During the week I had asked the boys to write their Dad a letter to let him know how much they appreciate him. I think he enjoyed the letters over any other present. They really expressed their thoughts well and I am so glad I had them do this. (Of course they won't let me publish these) Ty, you are a wonderful husband and father whom I fall in love with more and more each day. I hope our boys will follow your example and be great husbands and fathers also. Thank you for all you do for us. We Love You!
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Tribute to Fathers

My dad. Jerry Springer. I know, I know. How lucky am I to have a TV star as a Father. Not! My dad is the real Jerry Springer not the ridiculus looking, crude talk show host.
My dad passed away 6 years ago from cancer. He was a wonderful father to my two brothers and sister. He worked very hard for our family. He was so good at fixing anything. Even when something broke when I was married I would call my dad and have him come and help us fix it. He could fix any thing. He loved his grandkids, I think even more sometimes than his own kids. Like it should be. My dad was not a member of the church my whole life. He did support us in all we did. He came to all of our baby blessings and baptisms and cried right along side of us. I know something touched his heart. I also know that he has now accepted the gospel as we have down his work. Happy Father Day - Dad - I Love You and I miss you.

TY's dad - David Broadhead. Ty is the oldest of 4 siblings. What can I say about my father in law. He is a wonderful man who raised 4 great kids. Especially , the oldest - ha, ha. No really. I know that Ty is the man he is because of his dad and grandfather. I am so grateful for the influence they were in his life. Ty's dad also loves his grandkids very much. He loves to talk about anything with them and boy can Grandpa talk. He also loves to take them fishing. Even when they don't catch anything. Happy Father's Day - Dad B. We Love You!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I finally got my computer back tonight. I didn't realize just how much I depend on my computer. I not only send and write emails but sometimes it is my only way to communicate. Now I can get to blogging some more.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Computer Down

No - I haven't given up on this BLOG thing. It is just that my computer is down and I have to go to Ty's work even to read my email. It is a royal pain. I am hoping I did not lose everything after I ran a recovery program. I actually am having an expert look at it. So, I hope to be blogging again sometime this week.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New DO!

Today was haircut day. If anyone knows me very well they know I love doing new things to my hair. I decided I would do low lights instead of high lights to see if I liked it. I love everyone's hair that has taken the plunge and gone dark. (Shari,Meagan C.) I am just not that brave yet. So I did the safe thing and just added in some dark. I got home and Kirk says "Wow, you went dark". Cameron says "It looks soft" Nick and Jared didn't really care and then Ty got home and said "Nice Hair" He liked it so, I guess that's who I really need to make happy - Right? He was just happy I didn't cut it all off. I only cut off an inch. He loves my hair long. Actually all my boys like long hair on girls. Like Father -Like Sons I am just glad they actually noticed.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Starting to GET IT!

I have to give a BIG THANK YOU to Jennifer Franks who taught me a few things for my blog. She was over at Alysa's on Friday and Alysa and I were planning on getting together so she could help me. She said Jennifer is the real expert why don't you just sit down with her for a few minutes. I think we should maybe do a BLOG Enrichment so all those talented ladies that have BLOGS could share their talents with all of us dinosaur BLOGGERS. I finally have a cutsie background and I can add pictures. I also discovered my printer is a scanner also so I am soo excited to put on some old pictures. Jennifer, I couldn't have done this without you. -Thank you , Thank you.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Day
We hadn't planned anything and then we thought why don't we go to the beach. We love Mission Beach. We knew the McRae's were going to be there also so we headed out around 8:00 a.m. We go up 74 and there was no traffic. We thought WOW! nobody on the road. We reached the freeway and still hardly any traffic. We figured that either everyone left on the weekend to get here or we left early eough to miss the traffic. We arrived at the Beach. The parking for the beach was a zoo and we thought we are going to have to walk a mile from our car to get the beach. But, then we went to our trusty spot where we parked when a rented a Beach House for a week and sure enough someone was just leaving the parking lot just two spots back from the ocean. We lucked out. We set up our site right next to the McRae's stuff. They were walking around when we arrived. The weather was alittle chilly at first but then as the day went on it was perfect.. Cameron, Nick, Jared, Connor and Reed all went in the water to boogie board. They said the water was alittle cold at first and then you get use to it. We just relaxed and watched Bret build one of his masterpiece Sandcastles. If you haven't seen them they are amazing.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The reason I haven't posted anything yet is because this BLOG thing is harder than it looks. I am waiting until my good friend Alysa can sit down with me and help me set it up just how I want it. Hopefully this week. Please be patient with me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Name of Blog

Reasons Why I started a BLOG:
1. My Patriarchal Blessing tells me to keep a record of our lives because it will be important to my children. So this is the biggest reason. I have never been much of a journal writer so when the BLOGGING thing started I thought I could do this.
2. I also started my BLOG because we had our family pictures taken by this adorable and amazzzing photographer (Lillie) who really had her work cut out for her when she took our family on. I just love everyone of the different shots she took. I can't tell you how happy I am that we took them. You know you usually wait until you have lost 20 pounds, or that your hair looks just right, or you got the perfect outfit to wear. Well none of this happened except for the weight loss for Kirk who lost 90 pounds. He had just transformed and looks great. He even feel better than he looks. We are very proud of him.

I think that the hardest thing about stating a BLOG was deciding on a name. So if it changes often don't be surprised. I am still trying to add music, background paper and even figure this thing out. It looked so easy but it really isn't. Or maybe it is me that is making it hard. I think I am going to have to call in my reinforcements (my friends) for some much needed help. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm a blogger now!

I'm finally entering the world of blogging. Hello 21st century!!! Hope we can entertain you and make you smile.