Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to Blogging!

My computer was down for awile and then my keyboard went out so I haven't gotten to blog about what been going on. First I would like to tell you about a great guy that can repair computers. He is located at Video Depot. I happen to ask a guy at Costco if he new anyone that was resonable for repairing computers because I contacted HP and they wanted me to pack up my computer and send $370 to figure out what was wrong with mine. I said no way. I can buy a new one for that price. So he mentioned he had his computer fixed at Video Depot. I said I didn't know they repaired computers there. He said because most of their stores had now gone to the automated stores that they needed an in-house guy to do repairs when needed. So I called and talked to the guy and he said he would charge me $30 to exam the computer and try to find out what the problem was and then he would call me first to let me know how much it would cost to repair it. I thought great. So for a total of $60 bucks my computer was fixed. He was a really nice, honest guy. So if anyone needs his name and number let me know.

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