Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It all started with Lunch. Laurie Carlyle, Myra McRae, Lori Jackman and Alysa and I went to my favorite place El Ranchito Taco Shop. It has the best tacos. We went to the new one by Sam's in Palm Desert. It was really nice and clean. We had a blast. I am so lucky to have such good friends who take such good care of me on my Birthday. They always make me feel so special.Thanks again gals for the fun day. Then later that night I got to spend my evening with my fellow Birthday friends Alysa and Jenie. This year it just so happnened that our Birthdays were all in one week. Jenie was Monday, Mine on Wednesday and Alysa's on Friday. How lucky am I to share my Birthday with such great women. We met for Yogurt at Yogurt Island along with a few of our other friends and (Jef) and closed the place down.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

What could be better Easter and General Conference? I can't tell you how forward I look to General Conference. Not only do I love to hear the words of our Prophets and General Authorities but I also love this time with the family. We have a great breakfast (sorry I forgot to take pictures) but we had scrambled eggs, hash browns and cinnamon rolls. We were not only physically fed but also spiritually fed. I just loved all the talks but the afternoon session really stuck out to me with all the talks regarding our youth. I can't wait to watch them over and over. Thank goodness for DVR's.
My boys love the fact that I still do Easter gifts. I think they would be disappointed if I didn't. As you can see the presents have changed over the years. It use to be toys and candy and now it is - Car wash soap and febreeze for Cam's car. Gladware for Kirk so he can take his lunches to school and work, a basketball for Jared of course because he loves Basketball so much and Nick looks like he got nothing but he got a thing for his video games but I never got a picture of that. They also all got new socks since we go through black socks around here like they were candy. Luckily everyone wears the same size. I hope everyone had a great Easter and General Conference Weekend.
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Utah Broadhead's come to Visit




Looks like all we did is sit around. We really didn't. We just always crashed after a full day of fun!

Scott and Toni and kids arrived last Friday night. We couldn't wait for them to come. They just wanted to get away from the snow and cold and thaw out here in the warm Desert. We heated the pool and the weather was great. On their first morning bright and early Toni, Kirk, Jessica and I ran(walked) in the Ward 5K. It was a beautiful day. Toni was a good sport. I told her I was going to give her alot of exercise when she came. On Monday I then took her on the Bump and Grind Hike. This is a pretty tough hike and Toni made it all the way. Then the next day I took her on the hike to the cross. She liked this hike much better then the day before. We needed to do all this exercise because of the way we were eating. We ate pretty much all the time. What else do Broadhead's do when they get together? We took them to Yogurt Island the first night they were here and then went back at least 3 times. They even snuck over there on their way out of town. I introduced Toni also to one of my favorites Panera Bread. The kids took them to their favorite Chipotle. The home of the 1200 calorie burrito. We had so much fun. We always have fun playing games and just being together. We are sure glad we purchased a new couch not to long ago so we could all fit. I think it has been at least 4 years since they have been here and we hope they won't make it so long between visits.
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