Sunday, October 10, 2010

30 Year High School Reunion


30 Years. I can't believe I have been out of high school for 30 years. It doesn't seem possible. Last night Ty and I attended my reunion. I graduated from Palm Springs High School. It was held at the old Canyon Country Club now called Indian Canyon Country Club. We walked in and boy have many people changed. I didn't recognize alot of people, I had to look at their tags. I think the guys changed more than the ladies. I didn't attend my 20th so not seeing people in 20 years they really change. At the 10 year no body really changes. Most of the ladies are pregnant or just had a baby. Now at the 30th there were alot of Grandma's. I can wait another couple years for that title. We actually had a celebrity in the class. We have a guy who stars on the show ("The Housewives of the O.C.) I never have watched the show personally so I didn't know what everyone was talking about. We started the evening by having our pictures taken and then had time to mingle with the crowd before dinner was served. My sweet husband went with me even though he had worked all day and had only been home about 30 minutes to quickly take a shower and get dressed. I know he did it just for me and I love that he did. Lucky there was a TV there so he could check and take sneak peaks at the USC game that was playing. He was content being with my good friend Jacquie's husband (who didn't know anyone either)and sitting and watching the game. I had a great time mingling with Jacquie and other friends. Alot of my really close friends were not there. They have either moved far away or had a conflict with the night. Jacquie and I had so much fun just trying to recognize who people were. Your memory seems to go with age. Dinner was served and then we had a group pictures taken. Then they did a raffle. I sat down and said I never win anything so our table was talking when all of a sudden my number was called. Sure enough I won a prize. We stayed until the very end. It is alot of fun reconnect
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