Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Day
We hadn't planned anything and then we thought why don't we go to the beach. We love Mission Beach. We knew the McRae's were going to be there also so we headed out around 8:00 a.m. We go up 74 and there was no traffic. We thought WOW! nobody on the road. We reached the freeway and still hardly any traffic. We figured that either everyone left on the weekend to get here or we left early eough to miss the traffic. We arrived at the Beach. The parking for the beach was a zoo and we thought we are going to have to walk a mile from our car to get the beach. But, then we went to our trusty spot where we parked when a rented a Beach House for a week and sure enough someone was just leaving the parking lot just two spots back from the ocean. We lucked out. We set up our site right next to the McRae's stuff. They were walking around when we arrived. The weather was alittle chilly at first but then as the day went on it was perfect.. Cameron, Nick, Jared, Connor and Reed all went in the water to boogie board. They said the water was alittle cold at first and then you get use to it. We just relaxed and watched Bret build one of his masterpiece Sandcastles. If you haven't seen them they are amazing.

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  1. Your profile pictures are great! The boys all look so handsome. I remember the days of going to the beach with everyone. That was so fun. Bret's castle is impressive.