Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tribute to Fathers

My dad. Jerry Springer. I know, I know. How lucky am I to have a TV star as a Father. Not! My dad is the real Jerry Springer not the ridiculus looking, crude talk show host.
My dad passed away 6 years ago from cancer. He was a wonderful father to my two brothers and sister. He worked very hard for our family. He was so good at fixing anything. Even when something broke when I was married I would call my dad and have him come and help us fix it. He could fix any thing. He loved his grandkids, I think even more sometimes than his own kids. Like it should be. My dad was not a member of the church my whole life. He did support us in all we did. He came to all of our baby blessings and baptisms and cried right along side of us. I know something touched his heart. I also know that he has now accepted the gospel as we have down his work. Happy Father Day - Dad - I Love You and I miss you.

TY's dad - David Broadhead. Ty is the oldest of 4 siblings. What can I say about my father in law. He is a wonderful man who raised 4 great kids. Especially , the oldest - ha, ha. No really. I know that Ty is the man he is because of his dad and grandfather. I am so grateful for the influence they were in his life. Ty's dad also loves his grandkids very much. He loves to talk about anything with them and boy can Grandpa talk. He also loves to take them fishing. Even when they don't catch anything. Happy Father's Day - Dad B. We Love You!


  1. That is so sweet. Denise, thank you so much for taking time & making that yummy chicken and rice for us. We all LOVED it! We appreciated it so much. I had it for lunch today and it tasted even better the second day :)

  2. I have to agree you do have a great family on both sides. :)