Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where it all Began - 26 Years Ago!


It was January 6, 1983 and it was Stake Conference. I was attending with my mom and sister and brother-in-law John. We were sitting in the back when all of a sudden my sister nudges me and says "Who's that - He's cute" Well low and behold it was my future husband Ty. Apparently, his Uncle Steve had seen me and asked Ty the same question. Ty's, Dad was just being called as Bishop of the Indio Ward at that Stake Conference, so that 's why his uncle Steve was there also. After Conference that night there was a Young Adult Fireside (that was the over 18 age kids were called back in the old ages). I went and Ty was also there. After the Fireside he asked me for my phone number. A couple of days later he called early in the morning. Unfortunately, I was already at work. I started work at 6:00 in the morning in those days. He tried a couple of more times and finally my dad told him to call back after 3:00 p.m. and that I would be home. We finally got to talk and he asked me out on our first date. It was January 14, 1983, We went to El Torito a very nice Mexican restaurant in Rancho Mirage. (It not there anymore). I was a big fan of mexican food so I ordered a side chicken taco and that it. My meal cost all of $2.75. He said "boy, you are a cheap date" I didn't tell him until later that I really didn't like mexican food. I was a pretty picky eater back then. After that date we saw each other everyday. From the first time I laid eyes on him I knew he was the one for me. So on February 5, 1983 (which is Ty's birthday) he proposed to me on my living room couch. If you ask Ty he will tell you I asked him but he really did ask me. I know you are probably thinking WOW 2 weeks of dating and they are engaged. My parents weren't shocked because they had a very short courtship also and so did my sister Stacey and her husband, The shock came from Ty's parents. He was their firstborn and first son getting married. He also had just gotten home from his mission. We had talked about getting married on my birthday which is in April but then after thinking about it we needed alittle more time. So July it was. The hottest part of the year in the Desert. We were married early in the morning in the Los Angeles Temple.

We then went to the prestigious Jonathan Club for a lunch with the wedding party. Then it was back to the desert for a reception at the Stake Center (Yes, the very Stake Center we meet in today). We then honeymooned in Lake Tahoe.

Five years later, we started our family. First was Kirk.
Then came Cameron, Nick and finally Jared


  1. As for the quick courtship - when you know its right go for it. Ryan and I were the same. Ryan was also the first born and just home from his mission, so I totally understand that, too. Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Love all the pictures and love the story of your courtship! I had no idea. Fun to here how you met.

  3. Who are those people? Just kidding. YOu have aged well. Remember the Virginia Slim commercials, "You've come a long way baby." I loved seeing the pictures and reading the story. I didn't know you wore glasses. Do you wear contacts now? Let's walk soon so I can get the full scoop. Love ya girl.

  4. Looking at those pictures makes me miss you guys.