Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today was the first day of Junior All American Football for Nick and Jared. Practice was from 6:00p.m.-8:00 p.m. The boys have been bugging us for a couple of years to play tackle football. They played Flag Football for the YMCA for about 3 years(Mom was happy with this because you couldn't really get hurt) and we told Nick that the summer of his 8th grade year he could try tackle football to see if he liked it enough to play when he gets to High School. Then Jared says he would like to play also intead of soccer. We were shocked because Jared has always loved playing soccer but unfortunately tackle football and soccer are at the same time. So no more soccer I guess. Since the boys are pretty much the same size (Nick alittle taller) then they can play on the same team. This means only one practice place and one game to go to.(This was appealing) Well, I sent Ty and the boys off to practice and I went to my exercise class. When I got back to my car there were 7 missed calls from Ty. I called right away to see if there was something wrong. He said Jared had forgotten his inhaler and he got alittle winded while running drills. So off I went to bring the inhaler. He was fine when I got there and I was very proud of him for working through it. So I decided to stay and watch practice and kick myself for not bringing my camera. Watching the boys do their drills was about the funniest thing Ty and I had saw in a long time. We and some of the other parents were just cracking up watching our boys trying to manuever their new, growing long legs. Well they both survived practice and said it was not as hard as they thought. We will see what they say after the first week. I will deinitely need to carry my camera with me at all time.


  1. Be sure to get a video so you can replay it for all the girls when those boys of yours become football stars!

  2. I agree. I would love to see a video of this on your blog!