Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Baby turns "12" - Happy,Happy Birthday Jared!

JULY 18, 1997 - Born 8:30 a.m. - 8 lbs. 6 oz. - Baby Budda

My baby turned 12 today. I can't believe it. I am thinking I need to rename my BLOG to "The House of Men". I am definitely outnumbered. Twelve years ago today we were surprised with another baby boy. We did not find out the sex so that we could be surprised just once. I just knew it had to be a girl though. My pregancy was different and I was carrying all over and not just in front like the others. I had even bought dresses and had them in the closet just in case. Well to our surprise the doctor announced another baby boy. Ty couldn't have been happier. Even though I thought it might be a girl I was still very excited it was a boy. I was always told that boys will take care of their mom. Jared was a very easy baby. He was very good natured and all of his brothers loved him. Jared was definitely a "mommas boy" when he was younger. He was attached to my side at all times. Wow, how that has changed. Jared is a very independent and confident young man which we love about him. He always tells me he will take care of me when I am older. Jared is very talented in sports. He just knows exactly what to do in any sport that he plays. hmmmm - he kinda sounds like his Dad. His favorite sport is Basketball. He says that he is going to be drafted to the NBA right out of High School and then go on his mission and then return to the NBA when he returns. He has it all planned out. If anyone knows Jared he is very knowledgeale about any sport. The first thing that he does when he gets up is read the sports page.

Tomorrow,(Sunday) Jared will receive a very big gift. The gift is the Priesthood. He is very prepared to receive and honor it. He also can't wait to be in Young Men's with all the big guys. Jared really never got to be the baby because his brothers wouldn't let him. He was always doing whatever they were and trying very hard to beat them at it.

Jared shares his Birthday with a very good friend of ours Brother Bruner (aka, Grandpa, Dad) For the past three years it has been a tradition for Brother Bruner to take the boys to breakfast. Jared looks forward to this every year. This year Brother Bruner invited Ty and I to go. (of course I forgot to take pictures while we were at Sloans having breakfast.)Brother Bruner always lets Jared get whatever he want off the menu. So he picks the steak and eggs of course. (This year he didn't lose his breakfast on the way home like last year) We changed places too so this help. We had a great time. The Bruner's play an important role in my kids life. They are always up for attending any of my kids sporting events. We can always count on them cheering them from the sidelines.( or having Keith yell at the officials for a bad call - ha, ha - I had to add that just for you Keith) They have been there through the wicked cold weather and the scorching hot weather. We love having them apart of our family. Thanks Keith and Nonie for including us in your family.
So Nonie and I thought we would surprise Keith and Jared by having cake and ice cream at their house on Saturday night. We actually made it work. Neither Jared or Keith knew anything. We also included the McRae's and Oborns. We had great time.

What great friends we have. Jared, We Love You and are very proud of you.

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  1. Happy Birthday Jared! It's nice that you are going to take care of your mom when she gets old. My boys tell me that Wendell can live with them because he'll do yard work, but they're putting me in a nursing home. :)